dimanche 6 août 2017


So, I'm actually still alive and -somewhat- kicking. Here's a very recent pic of my desk :

If it looks like it's a random mess of whatever I felt like assembling whenever I had the time or will, that's because it's exactly the case.

All the Marines and Tyranids are from the "Deathstorm" box, released a couple of years ago for the Shields of Baal series. The Captain and Broodloord are excellent sculpts, crisp and dynamic, with the Broodloord completely dwarfing a Terminator. That's kind of big, yeah.
Unfortunately, while not as bad as the Carnifex featured previously, the other minis were kind of bad; the genestealer was a real pain to clean up, with thich moldlines over organic, detailed shapes. I'm not sure if I'll bother with doing the whole squad.

Last but not least, the trio of Sherman 105s was rushed in an hour, for a recent battle. If it's got tracks and a gun, it can fight !

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