vendredi 30 septembre 2016

Right on time.

Well, there is still 52 minutes of september left as I start writing this post. Right on time !
As the goal was to start something in september, it's certainly been reached, and I will shamelessly congratulate myself for it.
Yeah, that was merely undercoat and a quick splash of olive drab. So ? Bring it on, october !

Close-ups are ruthless.

Three shades of Olive Drab
There's an hint about the selected chapter somewhere on this picture

mardi 6 septembre 2016

First test model

Well, last saturday I did a small test to see how difficult would be to paint the Deathwatch in a way similar to the official:

Then I fiddled a bit with him and did some weathering:

I'd still need to clean him up a bit and the like, but it's looking good enough I think.

Albertorius out.

samedi 3 septembre 2016

A New Challenger

Hi everyone, my name is Alberto and I'm an old 40k deckhand from Spain :)

So, it seems I've been drafted into Dimitri's "Paint something already, you damn hack" painting blog/contest, and as the last I've assembled has been some Deathwatch Space Marines and they look very spiffy indeed (...and I might actually even use them for an In the Emperor's Name game, to boot), I've decided to go with them.

The new Deatwatch veterans sprue is chock full of interesting stuff to use. For example, these are some of the minis I've assembled with it:

Out of the five, only the middle one is actually a body from the DW veterans sprue, whereas the rest are made with weapons and bits from it, but with other SM bodies I had lying around.

The squad I'm going to start painting, though, is the one made with the actual DW bodies, armed with very regular bolter/power weapon combos. I've just primed them today and took a very, very rough pic:

Now, I need to actually, you know... paint the damn things ^_^.

Albertorius out.