jeudi 15 décembre 2016

Send in the clowns

I finally borrowed Agnès's camera for a decent picture of the Masque of Joyful Lament, part 1. Yes, at the back is an avatar, painted by our own Manu about twenty years back if I remember correctly. One day, when the Masque is fully assembled and I can develop allied formations, I'll set up a barebones Craftworld CAD to use the Avatar (and have objective secured), and possibly a Dark Eldar CAD to have Raiders (because they're gorgeous and can carry ten harlies at a time). But for now, I'm waiting for my second set of murderclowns, somewhere in the mail...

Happy holidays!

lundi 12 décembre 2016

Clown Cars

So, painting vehicles has always scared me. Back in old times, vehicles cost a LOT, and they were half-ton lumps of metal that could crush your other minis if they fell on them. As a result, I never really painted vehicles, except for a war walker that was basically a bigger infantry mini.

But then I checked out this video, and that's the one responsible for making me want to paint (and play) harlequins again. So I used its technique and went ahead. This was also the first time I ever used an airbrush and by God it is so much fun!

So onwards with pictures.

Step 1: cut out 1cm*1cm diamonds from a strip of masking tape.
Not shown: stick the little masking tape diamonds to your models, trying to make a symmletrical pattern.

Step 2: airbrush the un-diamoned parts of the models.

Step 3: airbrush a first layer over the diamonded parts
Step 4: start the blend with a second, darker, layer

Step 5: finish the blend with a third layer

Then comes the fun part: carefully peeling off the little diamonds of masking tape, to reveal the white undercoat. It is CRUCIAL you do this after a long while, to make sure the airbrush paint is absolutely dry and solid. Man, Harlequins teach you patience.

Then put on the bits you'd taken out and brush-painted beforehand (riders, jet engines, weapons etc.) It's still missing a couple of highlights and transfers, but this is what you get for a fairly easy day's work:

Colours: Tamiya White (spray), Prince August Air Electric Blue, Magic Blue, Imperial Blue (airbrush). Details: Citadel Genestealer Purple.

vendredi 9 décembre 2016

Starring roles

The Funeral Page, Death Jester
(a better picture than the previous version).

Exeunt Stage Right, Shadowseer
(I'm still not certain about the ribbons, as I played with paint consistencies to get weird patterns. I might just redo them entirely into a linear blend of purples).

The Lone Chorister, Twilight Troupe Master and Warlord of the Masque
(This one was taken from the Voidweaver's gunner, but I decided only Troupe Masters should have long coats and his was the longest, therefore the best)

Eldrad Ulthran, High Farseer of Ulthwe

(also a well-known dick).

No Solitaire yet, but it will come. Oh yes... it will come.

The Fab Four