lundi 28 août 2017

A matter of character

Lately I've mostly been assembling a lot os Primaris Space Marines for my "I can't believe they're not Iron Warriors" Ebon Skulls Ultima Founding chapter. I have enough for about 2500-3000 points of them now with just infantry ^_^.

GW has released a number of pretty decent Primaris character miniatures... at a price point that a) seems completely bonkers and b) that I'm not about to validate or encourage by buying. Which means that if I want to fill the roles those characters occupy I'll be needing to do some conversion work. And that's what I've done:

Primaris Captain in power armor:

Primaris Apothecary:

They're obviously still not finished (duh), but both are made using the new Primaris sprues with select regular SM parts.

I've also assembled two squads of Intercessors using the Reivers Bolt carbines. As rules-wise they are exactly the same as auto bolt rifles, I'd rather use the carbines with the regular intercessors to make them more distinctive from the other models of bolt rifles (and I wasn't going to use the carbines with the reivers anyway, so...).

(They are blue because they are from the "Know no Fear" starter set).

dimanche 6 août 2017


So, I'm actually still alive and -somewhat- kicking. Here's a very recent pic of my desk :

If it looks like it's a random mess of whatever I felt like assembling whenever I had the time or will, that's because it's exactly the case.

All the Marines and Tyranids are from the "Deathstorm" box, released a couple of years ago for the Shields of Baal series. The Captain and Broodloord are excellent sculpts, crisp and dynamic, with the Broodloord completely dwarfing a Terminator. That's kind of big, yeah.
Unfortunately, while not as bad as the Carnifex featured previously, the other minis were kind of bad; the genestealer was a real pain to clean up, with thich moldlines over organic, detailed shapes. I'm not sure if I'll bother with doing the whole squad.

Last but not least, the trio of Sherman 105s was rushed in an hour, for a recent battle. If it's got tracks and a gun, it can fight !