dimanche 9 juillet 2017

A new Foundation

I actually finished these guys some time ago, but I have just varnished them and took some pics.

This is my first painted Primaris Intercesor Squad, from my "totally not Iron Warriors" new chapter:

I have to say, I'm quite happy with how they turned put, and I've decided that for these guy I'm nor gonna do much in the way of chipping and dirt, as I actually like them clean :)

6 commentaires:

  1. Very nice! From what I read online, Cawl made "fixed" geneseed from the traitor legions as well as loyalist but was forbidden from releasing it by Guilleman (sp?). Yours could be some beta test subjects! :) I picked up my first GW minis in years as well but only two lieutenants in my case for conversion.

    1. I'm really liking the Primaris, minis wise. Hopefully the next releases won't be priced the same way the two new characters have been, though :(

  2. I just read one of the previous articles and found out that you already know the above! :)