mardi 7 février 2017


I'm trying to ration myself into monthly treats. So February is character month! On the plus side, I can now run a full Masque, even though I'm still light on the jetbike side. So on to pictures.

Death Jesters:

The Sinister Minister, the Contrarian Cadaver and the Funeral Page.


The Didaskalion Chorus: A Parte, Exeunt Stage Right and Pursued by a Bear.

The Solitaire I was dreading (ten Internet points if you get the pun on his name and an 80s musical):

The Slave Prophet

And as a preview, the heads of my two allied detachments:

Askar Ildalli, Archon of the Last Intermission Kabal

Audys the Swift, Farseer of the lost Faranwë Craftworld.