dimanche 16 avril 2017

The final few

And that's the last lot. When the Faranwë Craftworld fell to a Tyranid hive, its Avatar was away with a small strikeforce. For some reason it did not shut down and although hurt and cooled down in places, it is still active. The rest of the army follows him on its strange errands. From the webway, the Masque of Joyful Lament sometimes comes to provide help and hope, but right now they are all that remains of the once proud Craftworld.

The meager forces left.

Guardians, with a missile launcher for these goddamn flying Hive Tyrants.

The Avatar, painted by Manu in (I believe) 1997.

Have I told you I loved airbrushing?

Audys the Swift on his jetbike.

Eldrad is a dick, but he pops up from time to time.

Still not convinced of the rifle colour, but I like how the cloaks turned out.

Anyway, that's all folks! 4500 points and I'm done. Beyond some decals and a few touch-ups, I don't plan to paint for the coming years, and I probably won't post here. Thanks for reading :)

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