mardi 21 mars 2017

The Fourth and Terra!!!

After a whole lot of procrastination, I've finally decided to actually get started painting my 30k force. I finished assembling and priming my loyalist Iron Warriors infantry force (one each of a Calth and Prospero boxes, plus a lot of old metal SM minis, repurposed), and the whole lot looks like this:

Before that I did a single test model to see how the scheme would look:

Decent enough IMHO, and it has the perk of being a relatively fast scheme to paint.

Now, this is what my painting table currently looks like:

I decided to paint loyalist Iron Warriors for multiple reasons, actually. For starters... well, they are kind of easy to paint, which is certainly a plus :D. I also happen to like the no-nonsense attitude of the Fourth, and the fact that they approach war as a job they have to do, instead of some kind of art or any other nonsense like that.

Why loyalists, though? Well, I like the narrative: a reliable unit, known to to their job but not showy like other legions, that get scattered to the winds as time goes by because they do their job and don't complain. That ends up breeding resentment in their primarch, which makes him turn to Chaos along with his legion. But of course, with the legion so dispersed through the galaxy on garrisons and isolated warzones, a sizable amount of the legion did not turn and instead kept loyal to the Crusade and the Emperor. And that's what I'm going for here: a detachment of underdogs, shunned, isolated and decimanted by their own father, eyed with mistrust by their loyalist comrades, but still unbowed, still unbroken, and still with a job to do. And with a brand new war cry, to boot, albeit one as simple and workmanlike as they themselves:


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