lundi 3 octobre 2016

Too many irons in the fire...

So... yeah, I might have a slight ADHD problem.

It has much to do with having way too many minis, really. So many fun stuff that I'd like to paint and use. It's not my fault :P.

For example, I've been fiddling about with some Chaos Space Marines:

...but that's kind of a side project, as I've finally actually started to play In Her Majesty's Name using 40k models. We tried the system out with the following "bands":

A small group of Vostroyan Firstborns that I painted years and years ago (using the regular british company rules, with the addition of a flamethrower guy because I had two painted), and...

...a Genestealer Cult revolutionary cell, as everyone and his uncle is doing this days :P.

The game went really well (MVP was certainly the flamer guy, which turned the tide almost by himself), and it turns out that the Firstborn are in dire need of repairs to the paintjob... and actually finishing them, if we're being honest about it.

OTOH, I did a test paintjob of a CSM Chosen with the paint scheme I want to use for the rest:

So... yeah, too many irons ^_^

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  1. So have you been keeping up with the various new boxed sets from 40k? I see you've got the genestealer cult obviously. A few years ago I would have been buying them all but now I'm just waiting for the next edition despite asking for those exact models for years (especially Deathwatch).