mardi 6 septembre 2016

First test model

Well, last saturday I did a small test to see how difficult would be to paint the Deathwatch in a way similar to the official:

Then I fiddled a bit with him and did some weathering:

I'd still need to clean him up a bit and the like, but it's looking good enough I think.

Albertorius out.

4 commentaires:

  1. coucou
    je viens de voir le post ou il y a la fig test.
    ca envoie.
    la photo est pas top c'est ce qui me gene le plus mais l'esprit 40K est la le marquage est discret les effet de pigment sur le bas des jambes est très très bien fait.
    ( d'habitude les gens surchargent et ca fait juste dégueu)
    j'aime beaucoup.
    Peut etre le traitement du noir sur l'épaule aurait merité un peu plus de profondeur.

    En tout cas du très bon travail et on a hate de voir la suite.
    moi je vais devoir m'y mettre serieursement pour vous presenter une figurine finie ^^"

  2. Nice! Lots of progress since I last stopped by. A few years ago, I was running a Deathwatch rpg campaign and building greyscale wristwatch marine libraries and would have killed for the models they've been coming out with this past year. Unfortunately, the rules insanity of 6th/7th edition cured me of that interest. I can still appreciate the efforts of others.

  3. "So, it's a test model I painted quickly, nothing fancy"
    Yeah, I'm feeling more outclassed with every post, you show-off :p

    On the bright side, tonight, september 19th, I've finally put paint on something !

    1. Congrats! You've got me beaten by about 8 months! :) My only hobby work of late has been house rules for a game dead for 20+ years. Also, the autocorrect mangled my previous comment. greyscale wristwatch marine libraries? IIRC that was actually "a truescale deathwatch marine librarian"!