dimanche 21 août 2016

Random bits

So... It's been a bit, yeah.

I haven't been completely idle, and doing too many things at once, first of all, if you're looking for a good, useful undercoat spray, stay away from Vallejo sprays.

It's as rough as it looks...
That's two Shermans wasted.

On the bright side, I'm happy it's only two Shermans wasted, I have a few spare anyway, I would have been considerably more annoyed if it was my Abrams instead.

Oh yeah, feel the freedom
They'll get painted. Soon.™

Last, and definitely not best, just so I could say I did something 40K, I've finished a Carnifex I had lying on the desk for a while.
So, what happens when the hive mind messes up ? Well, you get a Fubarnifex.
It's likely the sprues didn't have time to cool properly since the shell and vents didn't fit at all, and the legs joints are warped, making for a very unbalanced, awkward pose. It looks the part from afar though, and should be the perfect expendable paint training piece.

Note how the hooves don't fit flat on the base. They're not even remotely parallel, either.

The vents are completely misaligned, and you can see how the back shell profile is different from the rest of the body

2 commentaires:

  1. That sucks in both cases. Supposedly the primer issue is more to do with humidity and heat when spraying. I had the same thing happen to about two dozen heavy gear models when I was starting my southern army during the FM premiere days. As toxic as it may sound, I switched from priming outdoors to airconditioned indoors (with the windows then open for a while AFTER spraying!). YMMV.

    As for the GW miscasts, they're really good at correcting them and quite generous. I had some finecast issues and contacted them for replacement bits (some hands were missing fingers likely due to bubbles) and they sent me full replacement kits instead!

    1. I've been told there are specific pressure issues with Vallejo sprays, and I had to spray under 10cm to get any results. So... Yeah.
      Back to army painter, I guess.