dimanche 18 juin 2017

Blame the father, not the children

Last week I got Forgeworld's Iron Warriors Decal sheet, and it's quite a thing. Big, chock full of cool stuff, and even decently priced, all told (Piranha Graphics' Heavy Gear ones were TINY, of worse quality and comparatively much more expensive, for example). So I decided to test them:

...and I'm quite happy with the end result, but not so much with the ease of getting there. The decals are much more... rigid, I guess, than regular GW ones, so they didn't fit AT ALL over the rounded shoulder pads. Had I not have Micro Sol and Micro Set, it would have ended in tears. But I had them, so after some applications the decals affixed right.

Also, yesterday I got the new Dark Imperium 40k 8th edition starter box, and assembled all the stuff. And as a test, I painted one of the new Primaris Marines using my IW paint scheme:

I must say that I'm very pleasantly surprised with the new minis. Yes, they are wayy bigger than the old SM minis, but heads, hands, shoulder pads and backpacks are all the same size, so really, they basically have fixed the proportions to something human-like instead of cartoony. Also, they are "truescale" now, if that is important to you (they would work lovely for Inq28 games, for example, IMHO).

As it is, I'm going to paint this new Adeptus Restartes as Iron Warriors, and "in-setting" they are going to be Primaris Space Marines build using the geneseed of the IV Legion (Primarch Gilliman has expressly forbidded Cawl to do that even though his experiments have shown that the traitor legion's geneseed was not tainted, and that them turning traitors was in reality due to their primarchs,but I don't expect Cawl would pay much attention to any order that is not "what I was already gonna do anyways", so... he'll just say that they are Ultramarine geneseed and go on with his work :p).

lundi 1 mai 2017

Doing the right thing...

... or doing it right now.

While most people outside of remote tropical islands can get easy access to undercoat sprays, if you happen to run out of black, dark green actually makes a very good replacement when doing a large stack of tanks.

Speaking of tropical islands and sprays, the latter have trouble with warm, high-humidity weather, which is remarkably common on the former. You can of course decide to do it anyway, instead of waiting a few months for the "dry" season, and go for the early-mid morning, where the air is the least humid, and the temperatures cool, as long as it's not actually raining, or about to rain. Which is often.

Assuming you've decided to brave the weather conditions, and you're going to have to if you want your minis base-coated this year, the common advice of testing it over some spare sprue remains crucial, if only to find the proper distance to spray, which tends to vary depending on weather conditions. You don't want that rough, grainy finish on your patiently-assembled, expensive, weeks-of-shipping-required minis, do you ?

So, as delicate as it can be to do it right, what happens when you just want to do it right now, ignore the above, and just take a chance in the 20 minutes you have before going to work ?
Well, you could manage the perfect base-coat, with a nice smooth finish, or as I just did earlier, get that dreaded grainy finish, and lots of cursing and swearing.

Fortunately, as long as it's not too bad, and you're working on minis with large flat areas, like say, tanks, a light, gentle sanding with very fine grit will smooth things out nicely, and leave you with a wonderful, flat, ideal base-coat you just want to paint over immediately.
Thank you Tamiya super fine grit !

From left to right, olive drab base coat, with the shade, and after clean-up.

The Sherman horde !

lundi 17 avril 2017

Old warriors still can fight

When I started this project I went and drafted most of the metal old SM armor mark minis I  had to help pad up the numbers of the units. These are about half of them:

The paint quality is a bit rougher, and the reasons are threefold: firstly, I did those in two painting sessions, and I had to stop the second one midway to run with my father to the hospital (it ended up being nothing serious, but we got a fright). Secondly, turns out I seem to have lost a lot of the training to paint metal minis, which are rougher than plastic, and it shows. And thirdly... well, I didn't want to spend too much time with these guys, truth be told ^_^. Even so, I think they look the part and they will do the job of padding numbers well enough.

dimanche 16 avril 2017

The final few

And that's the last lot. When the Faranwë Craftworld fell to a Tyranid hive, its Avatar was away with a small strikeforce. For some reason it did not shut down and although hurt and cooled down in places, it is still active. The rest of the army follows him on its strange errands. From the webway, the Masque of Joyful Lament sometimes comes to provide help and hope, but right now they are all that remains of the once proud Craftworld.

The meager forces left.

Guardians, with a missile launcher for these goddamn flying Hive Tyrants.

The Avatar, painted by Manu in (I believe) 1997.

Have I told you I loved airbrushing?

Audys the Swift on his jetbike.

Eldrad is a dick, but he pops up from time to time.

Still not convinced of the rifle colour, but I like how the cloaks turned out.

Anyway, that's all folks! 4500 points and I'm done. Beyond some decals and a few touch-ups, I don't plan to paint for the coming years, and I probably won't post here. Thanks for reading :)

dimanche 9 avril 2017

Big Brother comes to the fore

To mix things up a bit, this week I decided to change pace a bit and do one of the two Contemptor Dreadnoughts I have. This is the end result:

Nothing really spectacular, but good enough to play with, which is the objective after all.

dimanche 2 avril 2017

More bodies for the meat grinder

Well, another week, another batch. This time it's the first batch of Mk III armors:

They look way more brutal than the sleeker Mk IVs, that's for certain. It's a good look for the IWs, truth be told ^_^

dimanche 26 mars 2017


You've already seen the Archon of the Last Intermission Kabal. Here is the rest of them.

Beginner warriors. The models come from the 3d edition base box.

Veterans get a shiny golden spauldron. Can you see I hate painting faces?

Yes, I took Raiders to carry 10 harlequins at a time. But damn, the models are gorgeous.

The trueborn models come from the Raider's crew. Blasters are converted from harlequin's kisses and modern splinter rifles.

The full kabal, just about 1000 points.